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We love Spring Cleanings, because it is an instant gratification of a job well done

Spring cleaning: is our expertise At Attention to Detail we love to do spring cleanings, it is the most gratifying job, because we see results immediately!

What is included?

All baseboards are wiped clean & washed through each room and hallways
All doors, door frames & hinges wiped clean & washed through
All ceiling fans wiped clean & washed through
ATD uses ladders for thorough cleaning, no dusters
All light fixtures removed and washed for a sparkle view
All window sills, window locks and ledges wiped and washed
All blinds wiped clean (each slot)
All cobwebs removed in each corner
All light switches wiped
Dusting all knickknacks, picture frames & polish furniture
All carpet vacuumed thoroughly including all corners and edges
All floors and corners are swept, scrubbed and moped specially by baseboards
All bathrooms are scrubbed and detailed from top to bottom.

Benefits of spring cleaning:

Feel good about a clean home, which will be easier to maintain clean. Kiss goodbye those dirty baseboards, dusty ceiling fans, and neglected blinds, that we are sure you have every intention to clean but just can’t seem to find the time.
Leave it to us!
A dust free home is a germ free home.
Easy to follow cleaning routines, after spring cleaning is done.

Why hire ATD cleaning team:

A spring cleaning/detail cleaning is a big job for one person alone. When you hire us, we schedule a 3-2 maid team to clean your home. We are professional and will do a thorough job in one day instead of you taking 3 exhausting days to do the job. Let’s face it; it is nearly impossible for you to find the time to do it. Let us help and enjoy the rewards of a clean home! All cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals are included