Attention to Detail

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We specialize in move out cleanings; in fact this is how we got started 12 years ago. If you want a hassle free inspection and want all the services guaranteed, don’t look anywhere else! We have cleaned more than 1200 move outs. We also serve Real Estate Companies.

All Rooms:

  • Window frames and windows sills cleaned
  • All doors and frames cleaned
  • All blinds hand washed
  • All baseboards hand washed
  • All ceiling fans hand washed
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Light fixtures cleaned and bulbs replaced
  • Air return hand washed and filter replaced

All Bathrooms to include:

  • Wash Sink, scrub bathtub and showers, scrub shower doors, sanitize commode inside and out, clean medicine cabinet,
  • All cabinets Exhaust fans cleaned
  • All floors sweept/vacuumed/moped

Kitchen to include:

  • All appliances cleaned inside and out, all cabinet drawers cleaned, all cabinets covers hand wash
  • Stovetop, range hood & microwave cleaned, cabinets wiped inside/out, all sinks cleaned
  • All floors scrubbed and moped, all baseboards hand washed


  • Sweep, remove cobwebs & wipe shelves
  • Wipe water heater and electric box

Front and sliding glass door clean inside and out

Laundry Room

  • Wipe washer and dryer
  • Wipe walls behind washer and dryer
  • Floors sweep and mop

Window cleaning

  • Inside and out (optional)

Wall cleaning

Professional Truck mount cleaning

For Real Estate Companies we offer:

  • Insurance coverage: Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance and fully bonded 15/30 day billing for Real Estate and Apartment Complex.

  • Confidence that your special requests and needs will be followed through

  • Reasonable cleaning fees that you and your tenants can afford

  • Easily accessible management to assist you with any of your cleaning matters.