Attention to Detail

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Can I get a price for cleaning over the phone?

We can give you an average price over the phone any time. However, the best choice is to have a free in-home estimate, because we can better calculate the labor hours needed to clean your home and also pay attention to those areas that need the most elbow grease needed.

I have a limited budget but still need help with cleaning

Everyone has a budget and that is why we do customized cleanings. We meet with you and talk about the areas that need to be clean, and then we choose a frequency and schedule that meet your needs.

I have pets… can you clean my home?

Absolutely! We clean many houses that have 1-3 dogs. We are used to the cute little dog chasing our vacuum or licking us to greet us at the front door! We are pet friendly.

Do I have to be here while the cleaning team is at my home?

It is really up to you. We adjust to your preferences. Some stay home moms like to be there while we clean the house, other customers take the time to run errands and some senior citizens like the company while we clean. All up to you!

Do I need to have a contract?

No. We think if you are happy with the cleaning, you won’t cancel our service. If you sign for a discount service, we do requirement a commitment.

If I have a concern about the cleaning who do I need to speak to?

You can speak to your cleaning team if they are present and they can correct the cleaning. You can also call the office or one of the cleaning inspectors. We gladly receive any feedback; we want to make sure all customers feel comfortable calling us.